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Now armed with vaccines, we live in a more predictable world amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic. Innovations and Intangible Assets have been expanding, as necessity breeds inventions. The past 24 plus months have shown that we can be resilient in the COVID battle. AI, smart devices, robotics, IoT, diagnostics, therapeutics with analytical tools, already vital to many industries, have broadened their reach to respond to this emergency. The next era of technology will build upon the processing, interpretation, and manipulation of big data in sectors such as telecom, health care and e-commerce. This new landscape of digital technology creates a maelstrom of innovation, and intangible assets. Governments, companies and individuals need to develop strategies for managing risks, and balancing capital mobility while protecting intangible assets. Join us as our experts examine the latest innovations and intangible assets and explore challenges and solutions during the pandemic and in its aftermath.