The form, speed and nature of contracting, regulation and property are experiencing dramatic change through algorithmic processing of data. This confluence of technology and commerce has taken shape in Fintech, Regtech and more general forms of automation. The first phase of the academic and regulatory literature has sought to understand these technologies and bring their application within existing law. As application of these technologies matures, a perception also arises that the law should be pushed forward to allow the possibilities these technologies entail. This conference will bring together new scholarship from the Asia, the US and Europe presenting some of the newest ideas on our most recent problems. Accepted papers address topics that include emerging alternative finance, competition law in the big data industries, legal policy on use of artificial intelligence, regulation of new payment systems (P2P, stored value, mobile payment, non-bank systems), the collection, processing and protection of personal data and data analytics in finance, such as in profiling borrowers or KYC.

We hope you will join us, and look forward to seeing you on 16-18 January.