Call for Paper

The form, speed and nature of contracting, regulation and property are experiencing dramatic change through algorithmic processing of data. This confluence of technology and commerce has taken shape in Fintech, Regtech and more general forms of automation. The first phase of the academic and regulatory literature has sought to understand these technologies and bring their application within existing law. As such application matures, a perception also arises that the law should be pushed forward to allow the possibilities these technologies entail. Others warn of additional safeguards to present new forms of abuse. This conference aims to bring together new scholarship expressing any or all of these positions.   

Abstracts and papers submitted by the date specified below will be subject to blind peer evaluation by a review committee. For papers submitted, the committee will award five best paper prizes, entailing round trip economy airfare to Hong Kong and three days accommodation for the conference. 

TOPICS: the conference will explore the following topics:

  • Emerging alternative finance
  • Competition law in the big data industries
  • AI supremacy in the global economy
  • Automated surveillance for market regulation
  • Legal policy on use of artificial intelligence
  • Regulation of new payment systems (P2P, stored value, mobile payment, non-bank systems)
  • Collection, processing and use of personal data
  • Intellectual property in automated systems
  • Data analytics in corporate finance
  • Algorithms and profiling (from KYC to oppression)

Abstract (max 500 words) submission: 6 September 2019
Notification of acceptance: 11 October 2019
Paper submission for best paper prize: 25 October 2019
Registration deadline for accepted authors: 6 December 2019
Draft paper submission for all authors: 6 January 2020

SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Please submit abstracts via email to Bonnie Leung at Please provide an attached file with an anonymous, blind copy of your abstract, but indicate your name, contact details, and the proposed paper title in your cover email. The subject line of the email should include “Submission for Machine Lawyering Conference.”