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In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese companies have sought listings overseas, notably the US and Hong Kong, and at the same time, the Chinese securities market has also become more connected with the markets overseas through relevant mechanisms such as the Stock-Connect programs. This, however, has not come without problems as illustrated in a growing incidence of market misconduct such as fraudulent listings, cross-border market manipulation and insider trading. In order to properly protect investors, there is a pressing need to examine the important yet understudied issue of securities regulatory cooperation in relation to cross-border listing and trading.

The conference represents an effort to deal with the above issue, as an integral part of a project funded by the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme from the Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office of The Hong Kong Government. It has four sessions, namely cross-border audit oversight; regulating securities market misconduct across borders; extraterritorial jurisdiction of securities law; and recognition and enforcement of civil judgements. To shed light on the subject matter from different perspectives, the conference will bring together prominent speakers from the US, Singapore, Mainland China and Hong Kong.