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Advances in machine learning and the increasing reliance on automated processes in nearly all aspects of our society continue to pose challenges for legal scholars, policymakers and practicing lawyers alike. While digital technologies have reshaped our daily life and enabled novel business practices, they have also led to numerous unsolved legal issues. Innovations in law and policy may be desirable – if not indispensable. Multiple questions arise therefrom. Should technological change always result in legal change? Is the legal system ready to accommodate ongoing developments or do we need regulatory intervention? To continue the fruitful dialogues during the first and second Machine Lawyering Conferences and to keep up with the recent developments, CUHK LAW’s Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED) will host the third Machine Lawyering Conference on 18-19 February 2022. The theme of this conference is how the law responds to the constantly evolving digital technologies and new business models.